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Before investing 100% of her efforts into becoming a circus artist, Josiane played trumpet and french horn in a cedets movement until the age of 17. Then she spent 3 years travelling around Canada with a group of musicians and dancers, performing in several competitions, parades and festivals. 

At the age of 20, she began teaching circus to childrens, and realized a real passion for the circus arts. Before attaining her goal as a circus artist, Josiane did a year at the Quebec dance school, helping her with flexibility, scenic presence and the comprehension of the mouvement. This along with her coaching, leads her towards a professional training program in circus arts.

During the summer of 2017, Josiane had the opportunity to perform with Milord Entertainment Company for the IFlip show as an aerial acrobat. She presenteda bungee trapeze act, a dance trapeze act, and some acrobatic skills.


The following Summer, as a guest artist, at the circus school Les Ailes du Désir in Miami Florida, She taught various aerial disciplines, dance and cotortion.