Summary trapeze act

A determined woman, a specific goal, many ways


In a labyrinth there are many issues, the solutions are multiple and sometimes we face dead ends. In this act, a woman finds herself traveling across many worlds with and against the movement created by her trapeze. She decides to follow and sometimes not at all, variations of it which leads her to discover new ways to do things. It evolves throughout the issue through several emotions that will eventually disappear. Sometimes letting go is the best solution.


Like this woman, sometimes we know where we want to go but we don't always know how to get there, often we just have to try.

Chinese pole Halloween Act 

There is one of my chinese pole act. I presented it for an Halloween event at the Quebec circus school in 2019.

Bungee Trapeze 2017-2018

There is a teaser about me doing bungee trapeze in the IFLIP show. I worked with the Milord Entertainment company summer 2017 and summer 2018.

Trapeze act - Final Exam 2019 - École de cirque de Qc

Chinese pole technic Demo